How To How To Creat A Blog & SEO Settings For Blogger in 2021 (+ Practical Tutorial) 

By | September 30, 2020 – How To How To Creat A Blog & SEO Settings For Blogger in 2021 (+ Practical Tutorial) – Google makes changes to their algorithm every time you make your eye blinks and these changes really impact some blogger site SEO rankings either negatively or positively.

And if any of these algorithm changes affect your site rankings in either way there’s no need to panic and get rid of the good SEO practices.
But you need to do just more and practice the work of good SEO and adhere to the webmaster guidelines.
You’ve heard why SEO is a continuous process, a long term strategy, and a long term traffic generator.
Even as you have heard all SEO isn’t just about all there’s one thing that often sustains you for more traffic and if you lose that as a priority you ain’t going to stay long in the content game.
So I don’t want to advise you in any way to lose out on that because it’s vital for every multiple touchpoint you create for sustainable traffic.
It takes time to grow, blogging isn’t that easy more importantly on blogger it still requires you to have patience and stay steadfast to learn and grow.
I’ve to learn things about doing SEO the hard way and that I ever learned today came through doing it the hard way coupled with the intent of having some sleepless night.
And that really has helped me grow and if you’re going to learn SEO the hard way, do that with having the right strategy as you need to possibly get everything right.
If not, chances are that you’re going to rank in SERP but to make sure you ain’t going to have difficulty ranking blogger in Google’s first page.
I have got a way to show you and it’s proven, it’s just that is all about the new blogger interface, there’s a new way you can use it to express yourself and make your content ranks.
To use it now for SEO, you have to familiarize yourself with the new features and see how that might help improve your overall search rankings.
Let’s get into some details and see what makes content good for SEO.
If I’ve to make some points about what makes content good for rankings I may likely say most SEO experts will drag more on On-page SEO.
As it’s important when considering the user’s intent and needs over search engines which oftentimes Google stresses more on that.
Not anymore you have to make search engines a big factor to consider when doing on-page SEO on blogger because that might push you to over-optimize your keywords which Google will penalize in its index.
So in order to rank well now in Google, you need to practice the good about SEO and that’s what I’ll show you in a moment.

How To Creat A Blog On Blogspot And SEO Setting 2021

Do you want to rank your website at the top position of google search results? So you will have to do Advance SEO Settings in Blogger. These easy Blogspot SEO Tips can rank your website within a few days.

If you are doing hard work to get organic traffic from Google, then you must have a good knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You can’t boost your website by writing a lot of articles.

Smart work gives more benefit than hard work. Doing SEO for Blogger is not too hard. You can do SEO of your website yourself. In this article, I have mentioned Advance SEO Settings with screenshots that will help you for better understanding.

How to Create a Free blog on Blogspot?

This post is dedicated to the “beginners” who are new to blogging and would like to get started by learning the basics involved in the process. Before starting our guide, make sure you have a Gmail account to create a Blogger account. If you don’t have any Gmail account, then create an account first.

Step 1: Create a Blogspot Account

First of all, go to and sign in with your Gmail account. For a first time user, you will see an option to use the identity from your Google profile, or you can use your custom Blogspot profile name.

Blogspot (Blogger) HomePage

Then Choice your Display name and click on Continue to Blogger.

Blogger profile name

Step 2: Select your Blog name & URL

After reaching Blogspot Dashboard click on New Blog then choose your website title (you can change it later) and website address (Website URL) and click on Create Blog option.

Blogger URL & title name

And now you successfully create your first website on Blogspot. Now, click on the “Create New Blog” button to create your first post on your blog/website.

Blogger new dashboard

After publishing blog posts, You can see your all published posts, page views, & comments on the dashboard. You can also edit, delete, & publish blog posts from your dashboard.

Blogger Dashboard

Do you have any websites on Blogger? Yes, I have two websites hosted on Blogger.

Step 3: Install Template on your blog

If you want your Blog to look fantastic and user-friendly, then you need to install a good quality Blogger template. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

So, you wondering which Blogspot template is the best for SEO? I’m using the Sora Coin template for my all Blogger Websites. Sora Coin template has a fully responsive layout & complete on-page SEO friendly.

How to install Blogspot template properly?

First of all, select any SEO friendly template from for Blogspot website and download it. Then, go to your blogger dashboard and click on a template option. and then click on the “Backup/ Restore” option to install your template.

Blogspot template backup and restore

Then, choose your template from your computer and then click on the upload option.

Install Blogger template

after uploading template click on mobile version preview and then click on the desktop theme on a mobile device. For more check this image down below.

Note:– Do not use the cracked template on your blog. If you need my customized Sora Coin template, then let me know in the comment section. And If you are using another template for your Blogspot blog, then, make sure you are using a speedy loading and responsive template.

Step 4: Blogspot layout option customization

Most of Blogger template comes with the default configuration. If you want to add a logo and Favicon for your blog, then you need to go Blogger dashboard and then Layout tab.

Blogspot layout options

In the Blogger layout tab, you can select your widget, menu, social icon, etc. You can also set Gooogle Adsense ads, contact us form in the layout option. If you are using our customize template, then you can add this item quickly.

How to change default theme color and Background image?

Most of the people love to change the default theme color and background image. If you want to change the Blogger template color, adjust widget, background image, layout style change then, first of all, go to the blogger dashboard.

Then, open the theme tab and then click on the Customize option to open Blogger Theme Designer. In the Blogger Theme Designer, you can change theme color, background image, etc.

Blogger template customization

Note:- If you are using a custom background image for your blog. Make sure it’s completely compressed. I’m using the Compresspng tool & TinyJpg tool to compress all images and pdf.

How to Add Adsense ad on Blogspot?

Few people ask me can I make money if my website hosted on Blogger? Yes, you can make money from Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing.

This is a straightforward step to add Google Adsense ads to your blog posts and widget area. First of all, go to your Blogspot dashboard and open the Layout tab.

Blogger custom HTML and JavaScript options

Then, click on Add gadget option then select the HTML/JavaScript option. Then put your ad code on the content area and save it.

Blogspot insert Adsense ad code

How to put Adsense ads in the middle of any post?

Google recently added a new feature “Auto Ads” on Adsense.

If you don’t have any verified AdSense account check best AdSense alternatives.

BlogSpot settings customization for better result

If you are a beginner, then configuring basic Blogger settings may be a tedious task for you. Here we share basic Blogspot setting to you need to change immediately to rank on Google or other search engines.

This Setting option is the main part of Blogger. Most people are don’t know how to configure properly and rank on any search engine like Google, Bing, Yandex, and Duck Duck Go, etc. Follow the step by step guide to get a better result.

1: Blogspot Basic Settings

Make sure you are using the Title of your blog, and if you need a blog description then you can add here. Let’s talk about the privacy option; make sure you set these two options. Yes, to get rank on Google.

Blogspot basic settings

You can also change your blog URL. But we don’t recommend you do that. It can decrease your search engine ranking for a week.

Make sure you always use HTTPS options, It’s also a ranking factor. In basic settings, you can also add your domain name like (

Just click on the “Set up a third-party URL for your blog” option & add your website URL & then go to your domain name server and change your domain IP to Blogspot.

2: Blogspot posts, comments, and sharing settings

Let’s check Blogspot post and comment settings; you need to change right now. In this tab here you get the first option how many posts you want the show on your homepage.

Blogspot comment settings

Then make sure you enable Anyone can comment on your post and always check an option on the Comment Moderation option. You can also change the Comment location, but we recommend you to choose the Embedded option.

Blogspot Email settings

Blogspot email setting is not part of SEO. But you can set this setting like me. check this image and set your blog email setting.

Blogger custom email

You can also add a Notification email. With this email when some comment on your blog post, you’ll get notified by Google automatically.

3: Blogspot Language and formatting setting

Blogger language is a minor part of Search Engine Optimization. You can set blog language and time zone and date format.

Blogspot Language settings

If your site visitor comes from all over the world, then set it to English. If you have website-specific language like Hindi, then change it to Hindi, It’ll help your website ranking in the future.

How To SEO Settings For Blogger in 2021:

1-Basic Settings

  • Title of your blog
  • Description of your blog
  • search engine privacy settings

2-Language and Formatting settings

  • Language
  • Enable Transliteration
  • Time zone
  • Date Header Format

3-Search Preferences

  • Meta Description
  • Error And Redirections
  • Google search console
  • Custom Robot.txt
  • Custom Robot Header Tags

4- User settings

  • About the Author

5-Blogspot Posting Settings:

  • Importance of label
  • permalinks
  • Location
  • Search Description
  • Option
So these most common and vital Blog-spot (blogger) SEO settings to rank your site (Keep in your mind Incorrect use of these features can result in your blog being ignored by search engines)  Let explore these necessary settings one by one.

Blog-spot (Blogger) Basic SEO Settings:

1-How To Set Blog-spot Title And Description:
            The title of your blog must be concise and written understandably. Do not use over words or any extra information to make it beautiful just precise your information in the title (65 characters maximum)
The description of your blog must be defined briefly and very understandable manner. as shown in the given figure below. Description of your Blog-spot blog must be described correctly according to your niche. Try to add your targeted keywords in Description And Title as well for better Seo practice.
blogspot seo setting panel

Go to Settings of your Blogger > Bssic> Then change Your title and description According to user needs.

Search Engine Privacy: After writing consider Title and descriptive (description) the third thing is most famous for your Blog-spot blog make sure your Privacy visible to the search engine is ticked as “yes” if you check your privacy “No” it means you are not allowing any search engine to crawl your website.

2-Language And Formatting Setting:

This is another important setting as Title And Description. Make sure that you do not insert to enter and wrong information because most of the blogger want to traffic from their targeted countries, so they set their language formatting setting according to that targeted country, so this is the very wrong practice in SEO Prospectus make sure you enter write language and time zone information to rank your site at any search engine.

blogspot seo setting panel


Simple go to Blog-spot settings>Language and formatting and set up your language and date. as I mentioned above, I am from Pakistan, so I set up my date and time according to my country. Check out your country time zone and setup Here.

3-Search Preferences:

Here is the most important SEO Blog-spot (blogger ) setting; you can’t ignore these settings. Because these settings contain some of the significant SEO settings like MetaDescribtion, Robot.txt, custom robot header any many more top Seo settings. today I will evaluate with you these settings one by one

blogspot meta tags seting panel
Goto Blog-spot settings> Search Preferences

1-What Is Meta Tags (Description):

Before going to further SEO settings first, you should Know What is Meta Description? So, Let take a Practical Example Go to Google and Search Hacking fever, and You Will See their website meta description under of website title As I showed you below on the image. The Description Appear In the Red Box that is called Meta Description. This is the most important thing from the SEO perspective. Tips of add meta description are Your targeted Keyword should enable on meta description. And This meta description should be written in a polite way (no need to add descriptive information) just describe your website aim and add some of your targeted keywords then publish it.

meta description

How To Add Meta Description:

  1. Goto your Blogger (Blog-spot account)
  2. Settings>Search Preferences Here you find Description (under Meta tags Title)
  3. You will see their box appeared under the description.
  4. write your meaningful Meta Description on it
  5. Done
blogspot meta desciption

2-Custom Page Not Found:

What is the custom page not foundDo you have an idea about a custom page? don’t worry, let me clear you the actual concept of custom page not found. Suppose you have written a blog post and for some reason, you delete that blog post and this particular blog post is ranked on google or any search engine when users click on that link they will found (404 error) it will negatively impact on your site and the user will bounce back from your website. When users bounce back, your ranking will automatically decrease, So Custom page not found is a very major SEO setting most of the bloggers to ignore it.
So what kind of code should I add on my custom Page not found box? So don’t worry, I will provide you with that code.
blogspot custom page not found

 Code: <a h ref=”Your Homepage Url” target=”_blank”>Error 404 Page Not Found</a>
<p>Currently this Page is not Found<a h ref=”Your Home Page URL” target=”_blank”>Home page</a>

Just copy this given code and paste it into your URL (your home page URL) and click on save changes. It’s done

3-Custom Robot.txt:

This is coming from one of the significant SEO settings Robot.txt It is simply a file which deals with any search engine crawler. Whenever crawlers read your website, robot.txt file will allow those crawlers to read which part of your website.   This is the Important Part of Blogger SEO Or any Website SEO. If You Do Wrong, then Your Scan is rejected by the crawlers. By using this feature, You can Disallow Search engines to Crawl Your Website,  And, if you want to use it, then Copy the Below Code and Paste it in Custom Robots.txt.

blogspot robot.txt setting

 Code:User-agent: Mediapartners-Google Disallow:
User-agent: *
Disallow: /Search
Allow: /

Paste Your website Link Under “https://www.” and press Save changes button.

4-Custom Robot Header.txt:

It’s also considered as the most important SEO setting. If you ignore these settings, the rest of the settings are nothing. This will help a lot if you Do this Correct. So, so How to insert these Header tags?  I have provided you with the image below check it out and do not change it bu user self.

blogspot header tags settings

Home Page:-  Option, We Choose Option All means You Allow Search engines to Fully Index Your blog Homepage.

Archive & Pages:- Option, You need to Select (no index) and (no archive) because We Did not allow Search engines to index. Because THE link of the Article of Archive or Search Pages is different From Original Article link.

Default Post and Pages:- Here Click On All and then click to Save Settings button. Now All Option is Done in Custom Robots Header Tags.

5-user Setting:

The last Blog-spot SEO setting is a user setting. It is not the most important as other settings . in the user setting, you just provide your (owner) details like Name, Email and contact information, etc. I recommended you to add these settings and make it more attractive for users.
Blogspot user settings
Just click on edit post and write your personal information on it.
So here is the end of this blog post. Reader user, we are here for you, so I hope this article is beneficial for you to keep connected with Knowledge shout if you have any other query regarding settings, please feel free to comment below.

Here you have set your all Blogspot string section. Now turn toward the posting SEO section. This section is as important as settings section is important

Blogspot Posting Section SEO Settings:

Blogspot Posting Seo settings

As you can see Blogspot posting section SEO settings on the above screenshots. so let evaluate these settings one by one.

Importance Of Labels In Blogging:

This most important setting of Blogspot. without this setting, your user experience may lose but also Search engine through the Breadcrumbs Error. Labels help you yo make categories of your post. as you can see in the above image this blog spot post is related to SEO and blogging that’s why I add a label here SEO, Blogging.
I recommended you to Add labels related to your post it also helps search engine to crawl your site in category wise and it also helps users to find related topics


Permalinks are simply we can say the URL your post. Make sure the URL of the post is short and easy. Avoid using breaking words like “and”, “our”, “to” in permalinks, Also avoid to make Lengthy URLs keep URL short. don’t use breaking words.
For best practice add your targeted keyword on your post URL.

Search Description:

Search description . as name showing here “Description” means to describe your post here and tell search engines about the post
Beast practice to write an SEO friendly description is to make it concise and meaning full. And add attractive words on the Description box to Improve your search CTR. Avoid keyword stuffing on post description just write a short concept of your post on the description
Note: Some time this description as known as “META Description Of Post”

Option Setting:

Here is the most important setting of SEO is options settings. Most of the bloggers don’t discuss this setting
Blogspot Posting Seo settings
Make sure to set your option settings as I have done for my Blog. I have shared option setting screenshot above
Under The Compose Mode: Make sure you have checked to show Html Literally. it will help search engine crawl to crawl and index your site easily
Under Line Breaks Tab: Make sure you have checked “Press “Enter” for line breaks”   This removes all <Br> tags from your HTML side and makes coding easier to read for crawlers

Custom Robots Tags:

Make sure this Setting is checked as default.

Off-Page SEO in Blogger

Link building is important for your website. However, you can ignore this in starting. Try to work on your website at least 3 to 4 months. Then you can create backlinks.

When another website puts your website link on their website, is called a backlink. It gives a green signal to search engines. Backlinks are divided into three parts- Do-followNo-follow, and Naked link or without any anchor.

You can create a backlink via guest posting on another reputed website.

Content is king, So first write some high-quality content to your website. Then you can create backlinks.

Final Words on Advance SEO Settings in Blogger 2021

Blogging is the best and part-time option to earn money online. You can create your first website without paying anything. I have mentioned all the useful steps above that will help you to create your website.

You can purchase a domain and host on Blogspot for free. Here I mentioned all Advance SEO Settings in blogger. If you will implement these tips so you will definitely be getting traffic from google.

I hope you would definitely like these SEO tips and SEO Settings in blogger. Share your thoughts and experience via comment below.

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