10 [Effortless] ways to find Trending Topics, Keywords and Content Ideas in 2021

By | Juni 14, 2020
One of the key factors in content marketing as a Blogger or  Digitial Marketer is to capitalize on the right moments happening around them by making content out of it. 
Especially Journal Bloggers and Opinion Bloggers should always look out for what are the Trending topics in society then have to write a viral article.

Writing about the trending topics will give a shot at getting so many social shares and helps you to get more new visitors from social media. 
Trending Topics are keywords too, even this COVID-19 is a keyword which Bloggers and YouTubers are trying to get rank for. 
So if you wrote the best quality blog post about trending topics then it will help you get both social followers and good rankings on Google. 
Content around trending topics helps you to get viral across platforms even when you’re just starting out because beginners can’t compete with already well-established websites for Google rankings.
For this to happen you have to find what are the trendings in your society and pick one which is well suited for you to write about at that time.
Today I am going to help you guys on how to find Trending Topics and keywords that you can create content out of it. 

10 Tools to Find Trending Topics

The following 10 platforms will help you to find Trending Topics in your specialty. 
infographic about tools to find trending topics

1. Twitter 

Twitter is the BEST source to find the Trending Topics, it helps anyone to reach success and also helps to cancel someone by making a trend. 
Trending in twitter means that when many people from nearby locations or worldwide, tweets about the same topic using a hashtag or a particular term then it will appear in the trends’ section and it varies across locations like in Fig – 1
Fig – 1
For example, If many people in the United States are tweeting about “McDonalds” then twitter trends will show the trending under USA location. It will not appear in other countries but when the whole world tweets about the same thing then it will appear in worldwide trends and also in all countries’ trends. 
Fig – 2
Twitter also provides different trends across the world depending upon your interest over time, it will appear in the “For you” category as shown in Fig -2

How to Change Trends on Twitter:

You can set Twitter to show trends from different countries, by default it shows the trends in your geographical location but you can change it by following the below steps.
Step 1 – From your twitter account in Desktop or Laptop, select “Explore” under the Home menu from the left navigation panel as shown in Fig – 2.
Step 2 – Now on that page, select “Settings Icon” under the search bar from the top of the right-hand side as shown in Fig – 3 
Fig – 3
Step 3 – Now on the following page, uncheck “Show content in this location” to change the location of the trends. It will show “Explore locations” options as shown in Fig – 4. Click on it.
Fig – 4
Step 5 – It will open a scroll box with multiple country names with a search box on top of the list as shown in Fig – 5, from that list select your desired location.
Fig – 5
Step 6 – Now twitter will show the trends in your specified location. 
Thus this how to find trending topics in twitter according to your target audiences. 

2. Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool created by Google and launched on May 11, 2006. It helps people to explore what the world is searching for in Google Search Engine. 
Fig – 6
Under the “Explore” menu you can find keywords’ trends over time across different locations, it’s related queries, and allows you to compare those details with other keywords you want to search for. 
Google Trends provides “Daily search trends” and “Realtime search trends” across the different nations under different subjects. 
Daily Search Trends: Top searched term yesterday with how many shares the topic received.
Realtime Search Trends: Top searched term for the past 24 hours with a trend map.
To find what are all trending in your location or the location you want to search for then follow the below steps.
Step 1 – Go to Google Trends, from the left navigation panel select “Trending Searches” as shown in Fig – 7.
Fig – 7
Step 2 – Now click the location option below the search bar as shown in Fig – 8, to choose your desired location for which you want to see the trends. 
Fig – 8

Step 3 – After location selection, Google trends will show both “Daily search trends” and “Realtime search trends” of the location you selected. 
This is how you should use Google Trends to see trending topics or keywords around the world. 

3. YouTube 

YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google. 
YouTube is created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005 and Google brought it on November 2006 for US$1.6 billion. 
YouTube is a video sharing platform where people can create a channel and upload their videos and get paid after enabling it for monetization. 
Now you can use YouTube to Find Trending Topics and keywords under the “Trending” section as shown in Fig – 9
Fig – 9

YouTube trending means that list of videos is being viewed the most. The trending list is updated roughly every 15 minutes. 
Fig – 10

Videos in the trending list change according to their views and likes. 
YouTube shows trending to one according to their location but you can change the location by following the below steps. 

How to change YouTube trending location:

Step 1 – Login to your YouTube account. 
Step 2 – In your Homepage, click on your channel image on the top right-hand side, and from the drop-down menu select “Location” as shown in Fig – 11
Fig – 11

Step 3 – Now the list of countries opens up with a search box on top as shown in Fig – 12, from which select the country for which you want to find the YouTube trendings. 
Fig – 12

Step 4 – Once you selected it will show the trending videos of the selected country. 
You can also browse trending by categories such as Music, Gaming, News, Movies, and Fashion & Beauty as in Fig – 13.
Fig – 13

Thus this how you can find Trending Topics on YouTube and make content out of it. 

4. Social Mention

Social Mention is an online software tool which analyses user given term and gives results from all major social platform like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, and it also goes through several blogs and microblogs. 
Fig – 14
Basically, it’s a social media search engine that fetches top results for a user given term from all across the internet. 
Fig – 15

And it also shows details like the user given term’s reach, passion, sentiment, time average per mention, time of the last mention, how many unique authors, how many retweets, the influence of the term, and Top keywords as shown in Fig – 15.

5. Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed is a well-known website known around the world, one of their key factor in getting success is that they write about trending topics a lot. 
Fig – 16
They’re very good at finding trending topics, so if you follow them then you can get trending content ideas.
They provide trending topics under their “Trending” category as shown in Fig – 17.
Fig – 17
BuzzFeed is a large network that is available it both developed countries and major developing countries, so you can get to know what’s been trending in different countries. 

6. Reddit

Reddit is another popular social media network where users discuss and vote on the content submitted by other users on their specific community. 
Fig – 18

From the homepage of Reddit and can get very good ideas about what are all trending. 
A better way to get good knowledge about a topic is to discover subreddits i.e. find subpages that are dedicated to specific topics (example – r/trending). 
You can search for a specific subreddit community from the search bar. 

7. Buzzsumo 

Buzzsumo is an online tool that helps users to find popular content by topic from the major part of the internet.  It runs a search to find content ideas, engaging pieces of content and helps people to discover potential outreach opportunities. 
It provides the Buzzsumo Trending tool which helps us to discover trending topics that drive engagement, share, and comments. 
Fig – 19
You can also browse trending topics by categories like News, Sports, Entertainment, Tech, Business, Video, Fashion and etc. 
In Buzzsumo trending with advanced filters, you can filter contents by time. Once you found your content idea you can create your own content around that topic from different perspectives. 

8. Exploding Topics

Exploding Topics is an online tool that searches the internet to find rising trends before they take off. This tool is provided by Brian Dean, founder of Backlinko, and Josh Howarth and Kyle Byers.  
Fig – 20
Exploding Topics analyses millions of searches, conversations, and mentions across the internet and provides the details of exploding topics. 
It shows topics searches/month and its growth percentage in numbers and graph as well like in Fig – 21.
Fig – 21
You can see trends of a term for different time periods from 1 month to 15 years back and in it, you can also browse through categories like beauty, business, home, health, technology, sports, startups ad, etc as shown in Fig – 22.
Fig – 22
This tool also sends newsletters to your mail weekly reporting about the trends of the term you asked for.

9. Keyhole

Keyhole tool helps users to analyze Hashtags by tracking it in all major social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  
Fig – 23
Keyhole shows you how many people posted with your hashtag.along with no of likes, impressions, and retweets your campaign is receiving. 
You can also set an alert notification for certain topics and observe it’s real-time results. 

10. News Outlets

News outlets may seem old fashioned but still, they’re very resourceful and valuable. There are several million people in most countries are getting their news from the newspaper and news tv channel.
Fig – 24
Most of the news channels also upgraded to social media platforms like Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Youtube Channel, and their own channel news website. 
So you can still tune to these channels to receive breaking news all the time. 
News channels are very quick in getting their content, it’s one of their jobs to provide new and good content all the time. 
So if you follow them then you can get to notified about new trending topics faster than your competitors. 


Most us of can create content out of a trending topic but sometimes we struggle to pick up the correct topic well suited for us but from the above methods, we can easily select the topic and make content whether it’s a blog post or youtube video or any other form. 
All these helpful tools have their own pros and cons, I am sure that you don’t have to use all the tools. 
Try some of them and stick to what you like the most. 
For me, Twitter is the best tool out there in helping to find trending topics, potential keywords, and new content ideas. 
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