11 [Most Helpful] Free Chrome Extensions for Bloggers [2021 Updated]

By | April 25, 2020
0 Most Helpful Free Chrome Extensions for Bloggers: Every Sculptor needs the best tools to create their best sculptures likewise a Blogger needs good chrome extensions.

Every Sculptor needs the best tools to create their best sculptures likewise a Blogger needs his best tools to produce an awesome blog post. 

So today I am going to share some of the best free Chrome extensions that all bloggers should use.

Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

  1. Grammarly
  2. Ubersuggest
  3. Keyword Surfer
  4. Liner
  5. Google PageSpeed Insights Extension
  6. SimilarWeb
  7. MozBar
  8. Redirect Path
  9. Boomerang
  10. Hunter.io
  11. SEO Meta in 1 Click

These are some of the extensions that I use for blogging, you should try these out. These chrome extensions really ease your work.

Most of these extensions are helpful in your SEO activity. Stay till the end of this article to find how these going to help your blogging profession.

What is Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions are small software programs or tools to improve one browsing experience. They’re built on codes by either HTML, Javascript, or CSS, they’re developed through “Google Chrome Developer Dashboard” and published in “Chrome Web Store”.

You can visit the Chrome Web Store to find the extensions you’re searching for.

Why Blogger needs Chrome Extensions

Chrome extensions are really helpful in SEO and other Blogging related works, it will reduce our time in researching and also helps in content and web analysis.

A Good extension will literally a savior in Content writing, there are several extensions which help bloggers in,

1 – Keyword Research
2 – Traffic and Social share search
3 – Live Grammar check
4 – Backlink Analyse
5 – Find who Backlinks to a website
6 – SERP Analyse
7 – Highlighting texts
8 – Check Redirect paths
9 – SEO data for a page
10 – Full analysis of a page or website

These are some of the works that can be done by using the chrome extension.

Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the best tools for writers to improve their writing skills and Grammar. It will check your writing live and when you make errors in writing whether it's a spelling error or grammatical error, it will notify the errors by underlining those errors in the red line.
Fig – 2
Grammarly is one of the best tools for writers to improve their writing skills and Grammar. It will check your writing live and when you make errors in writing whether it’s a spelling error or grammatical error, it will notify the errors by underlining those errors in the red line.

How Grammarly Works:

When you move your cursor on the error line it will suggest some correct terms related to the mainline and also provides options like “Add to Dictionary” (can get access after signing up with them) and “Ignore” as shown in Fig – 3.
When you move your cursor on the error line it will suggest some correct terms related to the mainline and also provides options like "Add to Dictionary" (can get access after signing up with them) and "Ignore"
Fig  – 3

Add Grammarly to your Chrome (click here)

Grammarly assists you in writing an awesome viral post, it uses goes beyond blogging. 

2. Ubersuggest [New Release]

Neil Patel just launched Ubersuggest Chrome Extension which provides all the SEO data which is one of the best free Chrome extensions for bloggers that provides all major SEO details for a keyword directly on Google search results.
Fig – 4
With the Ubersuggest chrome extension, you don’t have to rely on other keyword tools all the time. It provides all the details in your google search about keywords that you’re looking for. 

How does Ubersuggest Chrome extension work

When you enter a  term into your google search bar it provides details such as keyword’s monthly searches and CPC and to know further details click “View all” near the search box to know details like SEO difficulty, Paid difficulty, Search volume graph over a period of time, Clicks search results, searchers’ age range and etc as shown in Fig – 5.
Fig – 5
It also provides details like suggested keywords and it’s search volume and SEO difficulty on the right-hand side of search results as shown in Fig – 6.
Fig – 6
Ubersuggest chrome extension provides backlink details for top 10 google search results under its related keywords section as shown in Fig – 7.
Fig – 7
Its work doesn’t stop there, it takes one step more and provides these details for suggested queries in Google’s “searches related to” section as shown in Fig – 8.
Fig – 8
These are the major features provided by Neil Patel on his amazing Ubersuggest tool which is a total SEO tool for bloggers. 
Ubersuggest total SEO tool has a free version that you guys should check it out and use. 

3. Keyword Surfer  

Fig – 9
Keyword Surfer is Keyword SEO Chrome extensions that provide Search Volume of Keyword both national and global that users search for. It provides similar keywords, related keywords, it’s search volume and similarity.

How Keyword Surfer Works:

After adding to your chrome, when you search for a term or query it will show that keyword’s global and your national search volume along with Google autocomplete queries’ volumes like in Fig – 10.
Fig – 10
On the right side of Google SERP, it’ll show Similar keywords and related keywords for the main query you searched for as shown in Fig – 11 and Fig – 12.
Fig – 11
Fig – 12

Newly they added features that show us the “Backlinks” and “Estimated Visits” of the Top 10 results in the Google SERP receives, as shown in Fig – 13.
Fig – 13
It is one of the most important chrome extension for a Blogger. 

Add Keyword Surfer to your chrome (click here).

4. Liner

Fig – 14

“Liner” is a highlighting tool that allows highlighting texts in website pages and when you’re viewing online PDFs.

We allow knows, how frustrating it is when we highlight a line in a page, and when we suddenly click on some other character the highlighted line will become unhighlighted. 

How Liner Works

When you select a word or line, the liner icon emerges near the end of the selection and allows you to highlight it with it. Once you highlighted the text it will allow you to change the color of the highlighting, write a comment about it, share it across social media, copy that selection and deselect it as shown in Fig – 15.
When you select a word or line, the liner icon emerges near the end of the selection and allows you to highlight it with it.
Fig – 15
This tool is a blessing for research junkies.

Add Liner to your chrome (click here).

5. Google PageSpeed Insights Extensions

Fig – 16

Everybody knows that page speed is one of the most important Google ranking factors even it has less contribution than other factors. But it plays an important role in Bounce rates of a page.

If a page with high loading time then it will more likely to have a high bounce rate which heavily impacts google ranking. Many bloggers don’t know their page’s loading speed.

This tool will help you to find the page speed of any page.

How Google PageSpeed Insights Extension Works

When you’re on a page just click this extension icon, it will take time to analyze that page speed and shows you the results in marks from 1 to 100 as shown in Fig – 17.

Fig – 17
The higher the marks are the higher the page speed and also provides links Insight developer tool to provide you more details.

Add Google PageSpeed Insights Extensions to your chrome (click here)

6. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb chrome extension
Fig – 18

SimilarWeb allows you to analyze a website you’re in and provide valuable information like it’s Global rank, country rank, category rank,  bounce rate, traffic according to demographic, traffic sources and etc.

This information is absolutely free from this chrome extension.

This will be helpful to analyze content or website within minutes. There are some tools that are paid to do this work but with this, you can collect this data for free.

How SimilarWeb Works

In order to analyze a website all you have to do is that click this extension from your toolbar and it will load that information within a couple of minutes.

Fig – 19

Like I said you can see from Fig – 19 that it shows Ranking in the top, followed by visits over time and then bounce rate, pages per visits, monthly visits, and even avg visit time.

Fig – 20

Fig – 21

Following that it shows traffic in different countries around the world along with the top 5 countries in which they’re popular as shown in Fig – 20. And finally, in this, it shows traffic sources of that website receiving from as shown in Fig – 21
You don’t have to buy a moderate tool to find this information from those, you can get these from this chrome extension for free. 
I always wanted to know how much traffic a website or my competitor receives, this chrome extension has been giving this. 
One Improvement they can do is to enter information about a lot of medium or small websites. So far they’re very useful only for finding details about large websites. 

Add SimilarWeb to yout Chrome (click here).

7. MozBar

MozBar SEO chrome extension
Fig – 22
MozBar is an excellent SEO chrome extension it provides you technical details link metric while in SERP, Page authority, domain authority, link details like Followed, No-Followed, Internal and External, provide page element details, Markup, General Attributes, HTTP Status, and much more. 

How MozBar Works

After installing the MozBar extension in your chrome, switch off blocking 3rd party cookies because it needs data to provide you those details. It won’t work without giving access to 3rd party cookies. 
On visiting a page just click this extension from your Chrome toolbar, it will take a minute or two to provide you details as shown in Fig – 23.
Fig – 23
When you click Mozbar in a page, it will show the results in the top of the page, the details are separated into 5 columns,
a – On-Page Elements
b – General Attributes
c – Link Metrics
d – Markup
e – HTTP Status
You can also information about the pages in SERP but you have to register with the tool for getting that information. 

Add MozBar to your Chrome (click here)

8. Redirect Path

Redirect Path chrome extensions
Fig – 24

Redirect Path chrome extensions helps you to find any pages which have redirect and check whether that page redirects to the correct page or to the unavailable page (404 error).

Most users leave the website when they’re facing a 404 error (page unavailable), so this chrome extension helps you to find those problems on your website.

How the Redirect Path Works

It works like most other extensions when you’re on a website just click it, it will analyze the website for any redirect and provide you the results.

If the website doesn’t have any redirect then the result will be like Fig – 25.

Fig – 25

If your website has redirect and it was redirecting to the correct pages then the result will be like Fig – 26.

Fig – 26

If your website has redirects but landing on an unavailable page then your results will be like Fig – 27.

Fig – 27

In order to know more details about those pages just click on it, Redirect path will detail like Server IP Address, Server, Date Modified, and much other technical information about that page like in Fig – 28.

Fig – 28

These are the things you can get from using Redirect Path.

Add Redirect Path to your Chrome (click here).

9. Boomerang

Boomerang chrome extension
Fig – 29
Boomerang chrome extension is for Gmail in the chrome browser which helps you to schedule your emails, to remind you about you received, and allows you to follow up those emails.  
It is also best known for AI responds to your emails, settings your schedule time to send an email, assist in writing your mail according to your own writing method, read receipts of your mail. 

How Boomerang for Gmail Works

Since it has various features, it’s quite long to explain everything in this article so see the below video on how to use Boomerang for Gmail. 

Add Boomerang for Gmail to your Chrome (click here).

10. Hunter.io

Hunter.io chrome extension
Fig – 30

Hunter.io chrome extension allows finding the email address of the web owner if you’re looking to contact them for getting a backlink from them.

It also provides names, social networks, and even phone numbers that all these data are detailed in public along with verification of those emails and confidence scores for each email.

Using this tool properly is one of the smartest ways to get High-Quality backlinks

How Hunter.io Works

When you’re on a website just click its icon from your toolbar and provide you those details. To know how to work with it just see the following tutorial.

Add Hunter.io to your Chrome (click here).

11. SEO Meta in 1 Click

SEO Meta in 1 Click chrome extension
Fig – 31

 SEO Meta in 1 Click chrome extension provides you details of a website like titles, description, and their lengths, URL,  meta robots, Image, and their ALT texts, the number of links separating by category, sitemap.xml, robots.txt, social shares, and much more information.

How SEO Meta in 1 Click Works:

Just like other chrome extensions, you click on it when you’re on your desired page it will take a minute to load the information and deliver you in different switchable columns like in Fig – 32.

Fig – 32

Add SEO Meta in 1 Click to your Chrome (click here).


 Thus these are some best free chrome extensions that are extremely useful for bloggers. Some of these are mostly used by big bloggers including Neil Patel.

Yes, chrome extensions are useful and at the same time, you have to very careful in what you’re using because it can know what you’re reading and some may gather all your information. So do a background check for all chrome extension and read people’s experiences about it.

You may have the following question, “How to maintain all these Chrome Extensions“, for that add Extensity chrome extension which allows you to maintain all extensions and even apps in your chrome very easily.

These tools will provides various tips for writing a good blog post every time. 
If you directly jumped to the conclusion in order to note only key points or you want to understand this article in a video format then watch the following quick YouTube video about his take on chrome extensions for Bloggers.

All the 10 above mentioned chrome extensions are also suggested by Neil Patel, so check out the above video. 
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