Best Premium Blogger Templates 2021 Free Download

By | Juni 3, 2020

Best Premium Blogger Templates of 2020. 

In this article, I will talk about the best blogger templates or themes which i personally feels are amazing in terms of everything i.e. Seo, Speed, Performance, User Experience, Accessibility etc. There are lakhs of templates available but which one to choose for your blog is always a confusion. Here i will try to help you in that situation.

Blogger is one of the original free blogging platforms and although its use is not as widespread as it once once was (mainly due to the growth of WordPress and Tumblr), it is still popular with many bloggers. Part of the attraction is that it is very simple to set up once you have a google account.
Some Blogger premium Templates cannot be categorized as they are blogger themes.; Most are very beautiful and minimum in total file size. 
If you prefer the simplicity of blogger then please see our list of the best free premium Blogger templates below. These website templates range in style but are all focused on blogging. Although Blogger is free, these premium templates will set you back $10-$20 which is not much to ask given their professional design  and added functionality which is far superior to any free blogger templates.

Universal truth a blog design is that the very first thing that attracts first-time readers. But many third party blogger theme free and paid options out there. Many bloggers such as who theme to start with blogging at, Many blogger template companies with free templates offered by .Those same stock templates are highly responsive, premium and stylish, but there are many web programmers who develop blogger templates which really look premium at no cost.
So, Let’s checkout the latest and best premium blogger template specially for Magazine , Tech or News Blog. Let’s dive into this-

1. Fletro Pro
Fletro is a blogger template that is designed mobile first, looks made modern and elegant in terms of features or template layouts, besides that this template is made more user friendly, the layout of each element is arranged neatly and does not interfere with the comfort of blog visitors. The AMP version of this template was created by reducing a number of features to be valid AMP.

Key Features of the AMP Blogger Fletro Template
Flexible template sizes adjust each screen and neatly arranged layouts by maximizing CSS performance
SEO Friendly
The template has been designed SEO Friendly starting from breadcrumb which has been indexed by Google to other markup schemes
Easy Customize
It’s easy to change colors, widths to fonts through the Blogger Theme Designer including widget settings on the Layout menu
Easy Installation
The template installation process is easier, you can directly through the Backup / Restore Theme menu without error
Ads Optimize
Already provided adsense ad slots that are ready to use in locations with high click rates

Fast Loading
Optimized by reducing the size of the template such as CSS compress and Javascript so that loading is faster

Mobile First
Designed to prioritize mobile appearance, the appearance is made modern and more user friendly
Cross Browser Compatible
Supports all types of browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and so on

2. Newspeed
Newspeed is a professional responsive blogger/blogspot template. It is ideal for news and magazine sites, sports, games, finance, food blogs and other niches. Newspeed is fully responsive and customizable, which will allow you to create different styles for different websites without having to edit a single line of code. 

P.S.- There are several other themes by Templateify which are fast and optimized like GalaxyMag, Magify ,  Onepress etc. These Themes are good but it does not defer offscreen images nor serve image in nextgen like webp.

Template Features
  • 100% Responsive Design

  • Auto Translated

  • RTL Supported

  • Beautiful Arabic Font

  • One-Click Dark Mode

  • One-Click Boxed Layout

  • MegaMenu by Shortcodes

  • One-Click Fixed Menu

  • Header Ads

  • Featured Posts

  • Content Blocks 1 and 2

  • Home Ads 1 and 2

  • AdSense (In-Feed ADS) on Homepage

  • ADS Sections (In-Article ADS 1, In-Article ADS 2) on Post Page

  • External Images Support

  • Responsive YouTube Videos

  • Content Table Support

  • Advanced Post Share Buttons

  • Awesome Author Box

  • Disqus and Facebook Comments

  • Embed video and image in comments via links.

  • 2 Sidebar Post Widget Styles by (Recent, Label or Comments)

  • One-Click Fixed Sidebar

  • About Section on Footer

  • Footer Menu

  • Templateify Post Shortcodes

  • Fast Loaded

  • SEO Optimized

  • Fully Customizable Background, Widths, Colors and Fonts

  • Lifetime Template Updates

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