6 (Simple) steps to Add Website in Google Analytics 2021 [with Pictures & Video Guide]

By | Oktober 1, 2020

Google Analytics is a vital tool for all Digital Marketing Industry. 
Online Entrepreneurs to small bloggers are using Google Analytics to track their performance and improve their Online Empire.
So in this blog post, I will be explaining the step-by-step method to add your new website to Google Analytics and get started with your website.

How to Add Website in Google Analytics

  1. Step 1 Login to your Google Analytics account.
  2. Step 2 – From the left navigational panel on the homepage, select “Admin
  3. Step 3 – On the Admin page, select “Create Property” under the Property menu.
  4. Fig – 1

    1. Step 4 – On the create property page, select “Web” under the “What do you want to measure” section and click “Continue” to move on to the second section. One can add multiple websites (100 properties) in a single Google Analytics account.
    2. Fig – 2

      1. Step 5 – In the second section, add details of your new property, which is the Website name, website URL (Https or Http), Industry Category (like arts, education, or entertainment, etc), and Reporting Timezone. And click “Create“.
      2. Fig – 3

        1. Step 6 – Your new website will be added as a new property to your Google Analytics account.
        Fig – 4

        Thus this is the method to add new sites in Google Analytics.
        If you want to learn this method in a video format or want to see this working, watch the following YouTube tutorial.

        But it doesn’t stop there, in order for Google Analytics to track your new website, you should verify your property by adding that generated Tracking code and Tracking ID to your website.
        So follow the following method to add tracking code to your blogger website.

        How to add Google Analytics in Blogger

        1. Step 1 – Login to your Google Analytics account, from the “Admin” menu and under Tracking Info of your property, select “Tracking Code“.
        2. Step 2 – From the following page, copy the Tracking ID.
        3. Fig – 5

          1. Step 3 – Now log in to your Google Blogger account.
          2. Step 4 – From the left navigation panel, select “Settings“.
          3. Step 5 – On the following page, under the Basic section, select Google Analytics Property ID.
          4. Fig – 6

            1. Step 6 – It will open a popup box, in that paste your Tracking ID, and click “Save“.
            Fig – 7

            Now your website is officially added to your Google Analytics account and it will start to track your website data from then.
            Thus this is the method to add Google Analytics Tracking Id to blogger websites.
            If you want to learn this method in a video format or want to see this working, watch the following YouTube tutorial.

            Why do you need Google Analytics?

            The importance of adding your website to Google Analytics are

            • Every blogger should link their website to Google Analytics to track and analyze in-depth details like website traffic, user demographics, search terms, sessions on-page, behavior, and much more over different time periods.
            • Adding your website to Google Analytics also helps Google to find your Website to crawl and index it.
            • To know what your visitors are really looking for on your site from the collected report on Google Analytics.
            • To understand where your content performs better, whether in Organic, Direct, or on Social media platforms (and also in which social media platform) from the customized report.
            • It also allows you to set a goal for your websites like conversions, E-commerce, Multimedia funnels and etc.


            Thus this all about adding websites to Google Analytics as a property to track their performance.
            I hope you guys found the necessary information that you needed to know from this blog post.

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