16 Best Website Professionalization Tricks to Try in 2021

By | September 12, 2020

16 Best Website Professionalization Tricks to Try in 2019/20

16 Best Website Professionalization Tricks to Try in 2019/20

According to the Aberdeen Group, 75% of consumers prefer personalized news and brand offers. 88% of consumers say they shop more in stores that offer personalized experiences. By creating a personalized experience, you can bring more customers back to your business and increase sales.

You can personalize your shopping experience by putting customers in your shopping cart with products, offering birthday gifts for free, displaying only large-sized products, and recommending products based on search history and more.

Example: JustFab is an example of website personalization. Make the boring process of personalizing your customer experience a fun quiz. They show you images of your favorite shoe types, show celebrity images to better understand your style, ask questions about shoe size, heel preferences, and more.

Customers will only know that they have provided JustFab with enough information for real e-commerce personalization at the end of the quiz. Now you can only see products according to size and preference. Special discounts are also available for customers’ birthdays.

16 Best Website Professionalization Tricks to Try in 2019/20

Marketing Tips for Ecommerce Professionalization:

16 Best Website Professionalization Tricks to Try in 2019/20

Disney offers customers a more personal experience. When you sign up for an account, a welcome message (name) will be displayed on the website. Online stores are also personalized by location. For example, if you live in France, you have a website in French.

There are also personalized stores where you can put your name on clothes, phone cases, artwork, watches, etc. Different colors, characters, and elements can be selected. Personalization at this level is ideal for children because you can feel like you are the owner by giving your name to your belongings.

ASOS personalizes your business by making it easy to choose the right size. Customers can add weight and size to the product page and decide the size they purchased. Brand tools take into account size refunds to determine the best choice for average customers of this size. You can find the size tool in the personalization app.

16 Best Website Professionalization Tricks to Try in 2019/20

Find out about each customer. Long-form can reduce conversion. However, gaining insight into the identity of the customer can provide more personalized marketing to the customer. If you only know the customer’s name, you can welcome the customer by name on the website.

Sending special birthday gifts or prizes can help you feel important on a special day. See the Personalization app below to see how it works. Personalization allows you to provide a customized online shopping experience to your customers.

Recommend products to customers. If your website has “if you want …” or “recommended” you can increase your sales. Do you offer products with similar styles you want as a supplement to products that customers have already purchased or products in your shopping cart?

Refine your audience. Using the data provided by your email provider, you can divide your email list into buyers and non-buyers, buyers of specific products, repeat customers, top buyers, and more.

Instead of emailing the entire list of subscribers, send a custom email to each segment group for a more personalized experience. If it’s relevant and targeted, the email is likely to resonate with the customer.

Show the customer a list of previously searched items. Amazon has this feature in his store. Sometimes you need to be kindly reminded of what your customer has looked like to buy correctly right now.

For customers who put products in their shopping cart but do not buy them. By showing ads with items added to your shopping cart, you can create a custom experience that usually throws away more of your shopping cart. On average, if 8% of customers leave their shopping carts and use retargeting ads, this number will increase to 26%.

Offer special offers depending on where you are located. For example, if someone lives in the United States, you can let them know that you are offering free shipping to the United States. Read the Personalized Apps section and find tools to help. However, you should not show this offer if you do not have access to this offer, as people may disappoint their customers.

If you live and visit Amazon in Canada, you are redirected to Amazon.com. You can pay in the currency of your country. You can also find products shipped to your country. When Canadians visit Amazon.com, they can be disappointed that some products have not been delivered to their location.

16 Best Website Professionalization Tricks to Try in 2019/20

16 Best Website Professionalization Tricks to Try in 2019/20

Tony Bianco adds a pop-up window to the customer before redirecting them to the international version of the website, giving them the price of the currency and helping them lower the cost of international shipping.

Fashion Bunker includes a reminder tab with daily specials to help you create a personalized experience. Not all offers are personalized, but first-time visitors are offered offers that are not related to repeat customers.

Notifications appear with a notification in the envelope icon at the top of the site. Depending on the population group, many notifications are associated with personalization because they rely only on receiving personalized messages on social networks.

Send a “welcome” email to customers who haven’t purchased in the store for a while. Includes VIP discount code, free gift or special offer.

thank you. You can attach a thank you note to each package or send it after purchase. Auditing is a personalized and effective way to build relationships with customers. I would be grateful if they appreciate the purchase.

You need to include the name you like the product and want to sign as the founder or other member of the company. It can be personal contacts that can help you win repeat customers. This method is easier if you have a small customer base. It can be difficult to adjust this personalization level, but you can always ask the support team for help.

We offer special discounts depending on where you are located. For example, if someone came through a referral link, you might see the message “Thanks friend Amanda has a 10% discount.” Is displayed. See the Personalized Apps section for the proper tools.

A push notification is sent from the website to remind the customer who left the shopping cart left something in the shopping cart. After the visitor leaves the website, a notification is displayed on the visitor’s computer immediately after leaving the shopping cart.

If the customer mentions the exact product seen, the push notification will be tailored to the customer. This increases the likelihood of reviewing notifications and completing purchases.

For many of the personalization features offered, customers often have to create business accounts. The shopping cart may be dismantled when the customer is prompted to create an account during the payment process.

If not requested, fewer accounts may be created. Ultimately, playing processes through quizzes or using personalized apps can make the account creation process more enjoyable from a user experience perspective.

Personalization Apps:

16 Best Website Professionalization Tricks to Try in 2019/20

A custom recommendation is a great Shopify app that can provide custom product recommendations based on customer behavior and purchase history. You pay only for apps that generate business revenue. Customers can receive custom recommendations by checking cart recommendations, recently viewed products, and more.

Happy birthday, email is an automatic email wishing you a birthday. The website collects the customer’s birth information. On a given day, the customer will receive a discount code to purchase a small birthday gift. Each code is uniquely generated so that customers cannot unlock it or use it multiple times.

16 Best Website Professionalization Tricks to Try in 2019/20

Discount Ninja is a personalized app that offers customer discounts that can be adjusted by referral source. FACEBOOK discount codes can be given to this specific user.

Segmentify is an e-commerce classification tool that uses artificial intelligence to help store owners personalize their shopping experience per visitor to drive conversions. Each customer can be tailored to a specific size to send personalized quotes and product recommendations.

You can customize your shopping experience in real-time, recommend related products, send web push notifications, send intent popups, personalized emails and more.

The Retail Rocket product recommendation platform allows you to provide a personalized experience to your customers. You can trigger personalized emails based on customer behavior in the store. This tool is the best-known action popup for 10% of buyer converters.

Zen.Ai product recommendations is another product recommendation app that you can install in your Shopify store. This app works based on the cost per performance. This is free unless it contributes to sales that help budget-conscious entrepreneurs. Customers can easily find recently viewed products, popular products, and more.

Currency Converter personalizes the shopping experience to compensate customers for production costs in local currency. In this way, you can better estimate how long a product takes, without making calculations difficult or translating the price yourself.

The app doesn’t actually convert payments and continues to accept payments in the store’s local currency. You can add up to 5 currencies to your business.

With Optimizely, you can personalize your business for numerous species. Based on your previous shopping experience, you can show your customers new products. Depending on where our customers are around the world, we can also offer different products. This tool allows you to target your customers based on weather, abandoned cart history, etc.

Personalization resources:

15 amazing personalization statistics help business owners understand the importance of personalization. You’ll see how personalization drives sales, improve customer satisfaction, and how easy it is to distinguish yourself from competitors who aren’t the best fit for personalization in your business.

7 ways to increase conversion rates through personalization Case studies show you how to increase your store’s conversion rate while providing a personalized experience. Examples of brands like Zumba and specific results from individualization efforts are shown.

Personalization Influencing Factors:

Treatail’s founder and CEO Adam Selby explains: “The next level of personalization is based on the value consumers perceive at a given time. Product recommendations are based on purchased products as well as products purchased in the past. Now we will buy at a specific price.

Let the consumer tell you That’s what Netflix does. They appreciate movies. You learn to “thank you”. Then make recommendations based on your statement. Without a rating, it would be half the recommendation. It’s not worth it, it’s like a product recommendation based on what you have purchased. “

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